Kikuichi Nickel Warikomi Damascus 10" Sujihiki Knife

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One of the best Japanese knives on the market, the Kikuichi Nickel Warikomi Damascus 10" Sujihiki Knife is nimble yet strong for superior slicing ability. The Western-style equivalent of the traditional Yanagi knife, the Sujihiki is versatile enough to carve meats and whole roasts as well as thinly slicing vegetables and filleting fish. The ideal slicing knife, the Sujihiki features a narrow double-edged blade that slices and carves smoothly while preserving the freshness and integrity of each ingredient, making it a perfect cutlery choice for a wide variety of your favorite dishes. No matter the dish, and whether your cutting technique hails from the East or the West, you’ll find this unique blade an indispensable addition to your cutlery collection. This agile knife is the latest generation of knives made in Japan forged from Kikuichi’s 750 year commitment to quality craftsmanship. Hand engraved with the Kikuichi chrysanthemum logo.


Handcrafted in Japan.


Dimensions: 10" blade

Care and Use: Hand wash. Sharpen periodically with water stone. Apply oil to blade during prolonged periods between use.

Materials: Steel blade. Rosewood handle with ebony ferrule.