Joseph Joseph Folio Steel 4-Piece Chopping Board Set

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The Joseph Joseph Folio Steel 4-Piece Chopping Board Set features a unique collection of four boards. Outfitted with non-slip feet, the Folio TM steel 4 piece chopping board set provides a safe surface for any chopping, slicing, dicing or mincing task.


The textured surface of the Joseph Joseph Folio Steel 4 Piece Chopping Board Set provides excellent grip while chopping onions, slicing bread and fish or dicing carrots, celery and tomatoes. Whether you’re garnishing fruit for cocktails, slicing tuna for a sushi platter, cubing cheese or slicing bread, the color-coded boards offer the perfect surface for any type of knife work. Colors include red, blue, white and yellow. Designate a color for a specific task, such as red for raw meat and green for vegetables, for efficiency and enhanced hygiene while prepping ingredients.


The Joseph Joseph Folio steel chopping board set 4pc comes with a stylish stainless-steel case that keeps all of the boards tucked neatly out of the way. The case keeps the boards separated for hygienic drying. Each board has a stainless-steel bar for lifting and carrying.


Dimensions: 10½” H; 14” W; 3” D

Care & Use: Hand wash

Materials: Stainless steel