Joseph Joseph Cut & Carve Bamboo Cutting Board

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Made of beautiful and hardy bamboo, the Joseph Joseph Cut & Carve Bamboo Cutting Board is an excellent addition to a home or professional kitchen. The beauty and benefits of bamboo combine with an innovative array of user-friendly features, making this one of the best bamboo cutting boards.


An angled cutting surface on the Joseph Joseph Cut and Carve Bamboo chopping board allows breadcrumbs, meat juices and vegetable peelings to slide into a channel. Then, simply drain or brush off into the trashcan or compost bin. This bamboo cutting board has a center food grip that holds vegetables, meat or bread secure while you slice, dice, chop and mince. Carved-in side handles provide great grip to transfer from the kitchen counter to the stove or table.


Thick bamboo provides a sturdy and durable cutting surface while being gentle on knives and cutlery. Bamboo is lightweight, water resistant and hygienic for everything from slicing fish and chopping tough cuts of beef to cubing cheese, dicing tomatoes or mincing carrots, onions and celery for a vegetable stew.


Dimensions: 12” L; 15 ¾” W; 1 ½” H

Care & Use: Hand wash

Materials: Bamboo