Cuisine::pro iD3 8-Inch Black Samurai Chef’s Knife

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Made from premium Japanese stainless steel mined from the Chou-Ki Chiba region, the Cuisine::pro iD3 8-Inch Black Samurai Chef’s Knife showcases an exquisite blend of beauty and performance. The high-quality steel is resistant to stains and acid damage with a black matte ceramic coating that provides an antibacterial layer of protection to the blade. Also known as a cook’s knife, an all-purpose chef’s knife is essential for slicing, dicing and chopping. The curve of the knife is specially designed for rocking the knife against the cutting board to achieve even, precise cuts without blemishing or tearing delicate foods such as herbs or soft fruits.


Cuisine pro iD3 knives bring together centuries of craftsmanship with innovative functionality with the integrated iD3® Microdot Technology. The dual purpose divots are built into both the handle and the blade to improve the aesthetics as well as the performance of these Japanese knives. The unique Microdot arches on the handle provide a secure and comfortable grip while contributing to the knife’s distinguished look by mirroring the flowing Damascus pattern of the blade. The indentions on the blade give the knife its unique appearance while effortlessly releasing thin slices and sticky foods.


With user-friendly features, centuries of Japanese craftsmanship and unmatched artistry, this distinctive blade is sure to ignite your culinary passion.


Dimensions: 8” blade

Care & Use: Hand wash

Materials: Japanese stainless steel