Chef Fernando

Chef Fernando

Verified chef

Chef Fernando has more than 20 years of culinary experience preparing a wide variety of homemade cuisines, including classic French, Spanish and American. Most recently, Chef Fernando was an executive chef preparing gastro-world fusion fare. He prides himself on creating somewhat unexpected menus from scratch and incorporating cooking techniques in which he is highly trained. With Chef Fernando, you'll master kitchen skills and recipes to add to your personal culinary repertoire.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Fernando

Esther J.


11 Sep 2019

I booked a surprised birthday dinner with Chef Fernando for a friend of mine. Mr. Fernando was in on the surprised which made his birthday much more special. He's not a cooker and I'm always cooking so I really enjoyed myself watching him cook. We had fun creating new dishes together. It was a much better experience than just going to a restaurant. We got to make Salmon, Scallops, and Stake and we loved it. I never made scallops so that was a plus for me. Chef Fernando is a clean chef and everything that he makes is fresh. I can see us taking another class with him in the future.

Paul L.


01 Jul 2019

Chef Fernando was great company and you could feel the love put into the food! Homemade chorizo? Who does that? It was delicious! Everything made me feel as if I were in Spain or the Mediterranean. Did I mention the wine was flowing pretty freely? Great experience, bring all of your friends!!