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Chef Patty and Marc

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Chef Patty and Chef Marc are a husband and wife team famous for their innovative and divine dumplings filled with flavorful personality. Chef Patty emigrated from Taiwan to the U.S. where she met her future husband and business partner, Chef Marc. Together, they have started multiple successful and famous restaurants as well as a cooking school devoted to teaching the art of dumpling making.

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Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Patty and Marc

Connor  K.


22 Nov 2021

Chef Marc was a great host. My girlfriend and I had a great time and it was the perfect date night. Chef Marc made us feel comfortable in his kitchen and taught us the basic steps in making homemade dumplings. You do not make your own dough or fillings as that is prepared beforehand the class focuses on rolling and forming the dumplings which is a lot of fun. Of course if you have questions on how the dough is made or the fillings Marc was great at answering all the questions. All in all it was a great Dumpling Party and would go back again!

Christian R.


20 Nov 2021

I was expecting a more traditional cooking class. I wanted it to be hands on, and instead the food was cooked prior. Overall, it seemed more like a social gathering than a learning experience. Also this may very well be my lack of research (although with all the 5 star reviews, I thought everything was perfect) but I was expecting more from the environment. Had I know I would have been in someone’s home with their personal items and pictures sprawled around the room, I probably wouldn’t have booked.

Ashley S.


18 Nov 2021

I was very surprised at all the 5 star reviews after attending. This was definitely less of a "cooking class" and more of a dumpling making demonstration. It is held in Patty and Marc's home kitchen in Cambridge. They host extended-stay out of their house so there were people in and out during the class. Much of it was prepared ahead of time and participants solely roll the dumplings with fillings. Chef Patty was overseas so Marc ran the kitchen solo. Much of the conversation was about all of his millionaire acquaintances and business endeavors. He did frown upon taking notes which I thought was hilarious considering we never even received the recipes (even after providing an email address). I will say the servings were plentiful and our group left very full. While it was a nice afternoon I've been to other classes that I would recommend over Chef Patty and Marc's.