Zwilling Twin Signature "The Must Haves" 2-Piece Knife Set

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The Zwilling Twin Signature “The Must Haves” 2-Piece Knife Set lives up to its name featuring a duo of essential tools for every kitchen. The classic 8-inch chef’s knife effortlessly breaks down proteins and vegetables while the versatile 4-inch paring knife handles detailed tasks such as peeling fruit or crafting delicate garnishes. Make prep work easy with this premium 2-piece knife set


Zwilling Twin signature knives are crafted in Germany, drawing from nearly three centuries of knifemaking expertise. Each blade is constructed from a single piece of Zwilling’s special formula stainless steel to create a knife that is lightweight without sacrificing strength and endurance. Zwilling knives are ice-hardened with the FRIODUR technique for blades that stay sharper far longer than the average knife. Every blade is hand-finished to achieve a cutting edge finely honed to the ideal angle for seamless slicing and dicing. The blades are bonded to full tang with an ergonomic, matte black polymer handle designed for balance, stability and a comfortable, fatigue-free grip.


Establish a foundation of excellence in your home kitchen with the Zwilling Twin signature knife set. Each piece bears the iconic Zwilling logo that signifies a legacy of superior quality and enduring German craftsmanship.  


Dimensions: 8-inch chef’s knife, 4-inch paring

Care: Hand wash recommended

Materials: German stainless steel