Zwilling Professional 12-Inch Oval Sharpening Steel

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Essential for professional chefs and home cooks alike, the Zwilling Professional 12-Inch Oval Sharpening Steel makes it easy to maintain optimally sharp knives in any kitchen. Properly sharpened knives make kitchen tasks like chopping, slicing and dicing faster, easier and safer, bringing more fun and joy to the cooking experience. When knives begin to dull, a few minutes of work with a quality knife sharpening tool can revive the knife’s performance with a precisely sharpened edge.


With an ergonomic plastic handle that won’t slip during use, this Zwilling sharpening steel offers easy handling while honing knives to their desired sharpness. Featuring ridged, highly carbonized, hard-chrome plated steel, this sharpening tool provides fast and consistent results with each use.  


Regular use of a kitchen knife sharpener prolongs the life of the blades while keeping them at their peak sharpness and ready to handle a variety of kitchen tasks. This 12-inch oval steel provides plenty of surface area for contact with the edge of the blade, requiring fewer strokes to achieve ideal sharpness. Because a sharpening steel should be at least as long as the blade that is being sharpened, the extended length also allows easy honing of longer blades such as large chef or butcher knives.


Dimensions: 11.81 x 1.81 x 1.26 inches, handle length 5.12 inches

Care & Use: Hand wash

Materials: Stainless steel