Zwilling Pro Tools Garlic Press

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Cooking with garlic is healthy and tasty — and with the Zwilling Pro Tools Garlic Press, you’ll be able to get the full flavor for all your favorite recipes. Combining modern design and tried-and-tested functionality, this tool is a great way to effortlessly add a touch of tangy garlic to all your dinnertime faves. No more need to painstakingly peel and chop up garlic cloves, this garlic press will handle it for you, and save you precious time during meal preparation. Use it to press peeled or even unpeeled garlic cloves — the ergonomic design of the dual handle ensures maximal flavor extraction with minimal effort. Manufactured from premium quality and flavor-neutral stainless steel, its efficient grid yields more garlic than other presses. The sieve can be folded out and cleaned under running water, while a hanging loop makes storing this stainless steel garlic press easy. Try out all your favorite recipes: Grill delicious garlic-herb shrimp skewers, try your hand at a scratch-made aioli or prepare your very own garlic-infused olive oil — the possibilities are endless!


Dimensions: Length: 7.95”; Width: 1.34”; Height: 2.64”

Care & Use: Dishwasher safe.

Materials: 18/10 Stainless Steel