Spieglau Willsberger 8.5 oz Champagne Flute, Set of 4

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Celebrate your own special moments with the anniversary collection of Spieglau Willsberger 8.5 oz Champagne Flute Set of 4. Blending decades of tradition with modern technology, the Spieglau Willsberger anniversary champagne flute draws inspiration from its meticulously crafted ancestors to create stunning glassware that optimizes both form and function. This set of four 8.5-ounce champagne glasses is ideal for enjoying your favorite sparkling wines and Champagne cocktails.


Designed to amplify the drinking experience, the wider bowl provides ample headspace for the wine to reveal its full character, capturing its bouquet of aroma without dissipating too quickly while allowing the bubbles to dance on the palate. The nucleation point, fine etching on the inside of the glass that facilitates a steady release of carbonation, is a key feature of each Spieglau Champagne flute.


The delicate, yet complex shapes of the Spieglau Champagne glasses are crafted in Germany from non-leaded crystal to meet the highest standards of quality backed by five hundred years of glassware production. To produce its sophisticated glassware, Spieglau utilizes platinum-lined tubes to prevent leaching and create durable, high-performing products without impurities or imperfections. Spieglau glassware is independently certified as dishwasher safe for over 1500 cycles with no scratching or fogging.


Dimensions: 8.5 oz capacity

Care & Use: Dishwasher safe

Materials: Lead-free crystal