Miyabi Toishi Pro 1000 Grit Ceramic Water Sharpening Stone

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Made in Japan, the Miyabi Toishi Pro 1000 Grit Ceramic Water Sharpening Stone harnesses both elegance and efficiency to produce precise and lasting sharpness. The city of Seki, Japan is renowned for its craftsmanship, a center of forging for centuries. The deep understanding of how to make and care for high-quality blades shows in the design and effectiveness of this sleek sharpening stone.


The Miyabi Toishi Pro sharpening stone is a versatile tool suitable for all styles of knives and materials, excluding ceramics. Its grit is ideal for fine basic sharpening, offering long-lasting sharpness that requires minimal time and effort. Although some technique is required, the sharpening stone provides superior control over the angle and pressure applied to the blade. To prepare the stone for use, soak in water for five minutes. While in use, keep the stone slightly wet by applying a small amount of water during the sharpening process.


The Miyabi sharpening stone saves valuable time in the kitchen by quickly and easily maintaining razor-sharp edges on essential tools like a paring knife or chef’s knife, allowing cooks to expedite tedious kitchen tasks. This sharpening stone is extremely low wear, keeping knives at their desired sharpness use after use.


Dimensions: 8.25” x 2.75” x 1” thick

Care & Use: Before use, soak in water for 5 minutes. During use, apply a small amount of water to keep slightly wet.

Materials: Aluminum Oxide