Miyabi Kaizen II Chef's Knife

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Size: 6"
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Elevate your knife work with the Miyabi Kaizen II Chef’s knife, handcrafted in Seki, Japan, world-famous for its production of fine Japanese knives. Forged from particularly strong stainless steel with a fine carbide distribution that makes for an incredibly durable and sharp knife with a 61 Rockwell hardness, protected by 48 layers of beautifully patterned Damascus steel, the Miyabi Kaizen II knife offers superior performance for everyday kitchen tasks. 


The razor-sharp blade of the Miyabi Kaizen II is expertly hand-honed to a 9.5 to 12 degrees sharpness using the four-step Honbazuke method, a knife honing method that was traditionally used to sharpen samurai swords and is still in use today to achieve spectacular performance, incredible sharpness and durability in hand-forged blades.


The Miyabi Kaizen II 6-inch chef's knife is a lighter knife specifically designed to fit smaller hands taking the stress out of repetitive tasks, making for an effortless meal prep experience. Crafted with a larger blade, the Miyabi Kaizen II 9.5-inch chef’s knife is the perfect choice for more work-intensive tasks, the generous blade making it convenient to transport freshly sliced ingredients from the cutting board to a bowl, pan or plate. The perfect allrounder for everyday tasks, the Miyabi Kaizen II 8 inch chef's knife is a reliable culinary companion for everything from weekday meals to dinner parties.


Whether you’re cutting meat for family dinners, chopping up fruits and vegetables for a healthy lunchtime snack or are mincing onions, garlic and fresh herbs to add extra flavor to your favorite dishes, Miyabi Kaizen II chef’s knives are up for the job. Some of the best Japanese knives available today, their unparalleled sharpness and superior durability make them indispensable tools for the busy home cook and creative chef alike.



6” Chef’s knife -  Width: 0.98”; Height: 1.81”; Blade length: 6.30”; Handle length: 5.24”; Blade thickness: 0.04”

8” Chef’s knife - Width: 0.98”; Height: 2.01”; Blade length: 7.87”; Handle length: 5.39”; Blade thickness: 0.04”

9.5” Chef’s knife - Width: 0.94”; Height: 2.01”; Blade length: 9.45”; Handle length: 5.39”; Blade thickness: 0.04”

Care & Use: Hand wash only.

Materials: FC61 fine carbide steel