Bonjour Primo Latte Rechargeable Milk Frother

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Fun and multi-functional, the Bonjour Primo Latte Rechargeable Milk Frother brings the luxury of the corner bistro to your kitchen counter. Since it’s rechargeable, and comes with its own base, the Bonjour Primo Latte frother is always ready to help mix up your next drink. The base makes a convenient storage unit that sits easily on the kitchen countertop.


This frother quickly turns milk into a creamy mixture that tops matcha and coffee-based beverages like lattes, mocha and cappuccinos. You can also use the stainless-steel stem and frothing disc for cocktails that use whipped egg whites. Make a whiskey sour or a gin fizz without the hassle of dry shaking. Simply froth the egg whites with the Bonjour rechargeable frother.


In addition to frothing milk and egg whites, the Bonjour Primo Latte Rechargeable Milk Frother can be used to blend protein powder into shakes, whip up a fresh salad dressing or make Dalgona hand-beaten coffee.


Dimensions: 10.50” L x 4.50” W x 3.50” H

Care & Use: Hand wash

Materials: ABS plastic