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Chef Roxy

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Originally from upstate New York but currently living in Tel Aviv, Chef Roxy has a passion for Mediterranean and Middle Eastern culinary classics inspired by Israel. Open markets boasting amazing street food and fresh produce all year round make Tel Aviv a leading culinary destination with a melting pot of vibrant, traditional flavors. With 10 years of international culinary experience in the food industry, Chef Roxy will teach you how to transform simple ingredients into an impressive spread.

Cozymeal guest reviews for Chef Roxy

Jess H.


20 Jun 2022

Chef Roxy is amazing. She took time to explain the WHY behind each step, and to make sure everyone in the class was on track. I did not previously see myself as someone that could make hummus and falafel from scratch, but OMG. Now I can and it’s SO GOOD.

Robert S.


18 Jun 2022

First time taking a class. She was patient and informative. Kept things light and moving while still giving some of the background and traditional ways of eating the food. I wanted to learn how to make good tasting Hummus which I did, but I also surprised myself with how well I was able to make Falafel too. Both recipes turned out great and she explained good ways you can tweak and customize them to make them your own.

Bianca H.


13 Jun 2022

We took the Homemade Hummus and Falafel class with Chef Roxy and would HIGHLY recommend it! We accomplished so much during the time window, but never felt rushed or stressed, as Chef Roxy was super organized, friendly, super passionate about food and positive. She is the perfect combination of encouraging, extremely knowledgable, pleasant and a great communicator. She kept us on track but made time to answer all our questions about kitchen tools, ingredient variations, differences between US and Tel Aviv cuisine and we learned so much. Best of all, the recipes turned out awesome and delicious. Thanks for a great experience, Chef Roxy!