Steelport 10-Inch Carbon Steel Slicing Knife

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Sporting modern good looks and a classic design, the Steelport 10-Inch Carbon Steel Slicing Knife is a versatile combination of a slicing knife and a cimeter. With less of a curve than a traditional cimeter knife, it’s a terrific everyday knife for slicing and cutting everything from large vegetables and watermelons to holiday hams and racks of ribs.


Carve roasts, slice tuna for sushi or trim large cuts of beef with the steelport knife. The longer length of this 10” slicing knife, combined with the sharp tip, provides safety while allowing you to make smooth and clean cuts. A sturdy bolster provides safety and clearance while using the pinch grip technique while slicing, cutting and chopping.


Crafted out of Oregon big-leaf maple burl, the handle is stabilized with resin to be tough, durable and stable. An ergonomic design and stainless-steel accents provide elegance, ergonomics and fatigue-free cutting. 


Dimensions: Blade Length: 10”; Total Length: 15”

Care & Use: Hand wash

Materials: Carbon steel

1 Product Review
Cozymeal Team Shot
Cozymeal Team
01 Feb 2023
The long, slender and slightly curved blade on the Steelport 10-Inch Carbon Steel Slicing Knife allows us to cut, carve and trim large pieces of beef, chicken or fish. With a gorgeous Oregon big-leaf maple handle and sparkling stainless steel accents, this is the most attractive knife in our cutlery collection.