Mrs Anderson's 10" Pie Crust Shield

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No more burnt pie crusts — Mrs. Anderson's 10” Pie Crust Shield allows pies to rise in the center and reduces spillage from the edges while preventing burning and over-browning. More convenient and economical than aluminum foil, this unique pie crust shield is perfect for frozen and homemade pies as well as blind baking empty pie shells.


Dimensions: Diameter: 11.5"; Height: 0.5". Fits 9.5” and 10” pie plates. Fits baking dishes with fluted edges and carrying handles.

Care and Use: Dishwasher safe

Materials: Aluminum

1 Product Review
Cozymeal Team Shot
Cozymeal Team
19 Jul 2021
Never blush over your pie presentation again. Mrs. Anderson's 10” Pie Crust Shield is our top pick for perfect pie crusts with every bake, regardless of the occasion!