Helen’s Asian Kitchen Suribachi Set

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Easily and effortlessly grind seeds, nuts, herbs, seasonings and so much more with the Helen’s Asian Kitchen Suribachi Sett. This elegantly crafted mortar and pestle set takes inspiration from thousands of years of Japanese cooking tradition. It’s an essential kitchen tool for any home chef with a penchant for preparing ingredients from complete scratch. As a Japanese mortar and pestle, it’s designed to efficiently pulverize fresh ingredients without wearing and tearing on itself. It’s a ceramic mortar and pestle set, where the pestle is made of wood in the traditional style, thereby minimizing the friction on the bowl. The unglazed interior combined with the sharp ridges on the bowl makes crushing and grinding fast and simple without any worry of the contents being tossed about. And, when you’ve reached the desired texture, simply brush out your ingredients with a soft-bristle brush. It’s a sturdy and durable means for crafting authentic Asian dressings, pastes, sauces and powders at home with minimal effort. 


Dimensions: (Mortar) Length: 5.5"; Width: 5.5”; Height: 2.25" (Pestle) Length: 4.75"; Width: 1.125" 

Care & Use: Rinse in hot water, no soap

Materials: Ceramic and maplewood

1 Product Review
Cozymeal Team Shot
Cozymeal Team
27 Jan 2022
We found the Helen’s Asian Kitchen Suribachi Sett to be an impeccable addition to a kitchen toolkit because it not only looks great, but it’s very good at its job. The sharp inner ridges along the mortar bowl are such a lifesaver for keeping ingredients inside and not spread about the kitchen.