Helen's Asian Kitchen Spider Strainer, 5in

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Helen's Asian Kitchen Spider Strainer, 5in is the ideal kitchen tool for any home chef with a penchant for cooking noodles, dumplings, or deep-fried foods. Designed with a web-like mesh basket for fast, easy drainage of oils and boiling liquids, the kitchen spider provides a simpler and safer means for scooping and straining foods. Rubberized grips, an all-stainless steel construction, excellent balance and a hollowed-out handle that doesn’t transfer heat all combine to make this elegant tool as strong as it is practical. Use the spider strainer skimmer to scoop up blanched vegetables or fresh noodles with ease. Deep-fried foods are quickly and smoothly removed from hot oil to keep them crispy and flavorful without the oily residue. And, there’s no worry about the spider skimmer imparting metallic tastes into the food—the stainless steel design prevents that from happening, in addition to being resistant to burning, scorching, splintering, cracking or reacting with foods. It makes straining your foods so much less of a chore.


Dimensions: Handle length: 15"; Basket diameter: 5"; Basket height: 1.5”

Care & Use: Hand wash in warm, soapy water

Materials: Stainless steel