Finex 15" Cast Iron Lean Grill Pan

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For healthier grilling that doesn’t compromise flavor, look no farther than the Finex 15” Cast Iron Lean Grill Pan! Featuring a domed interior surface designed to drain fat and grilling juices without smoking, the pre-seasoned Finex 15” Cast Iron Lean Grill Pan is the ideal choice for grilling up burger recipes, seafood fillets and vegetable dishes that the whole family will love.

Handmade in Portland, Oregon.
Dimensions: Length: 15.5"; Width: 9"; Height: 1.25"
Care and Use: Works on all cooktops. Hand wash in hot water with a non-abrasive sponge after each use. Do not use steel wool. Do not use soap or detergent. Do not place in dishwasher. Dry thoroughly to prevent rusting.
Materials: Cast iron

Chef Approved
Chef Nick *
Downtown Denver, CO
I really enjoy the fact that this pan is heavy duty but very slim so it is easy to store. The cast iron grill gives me plenty of even heat and you develop great grill marks on your product. I love the fact that when it gets cold outside, I can bring the grilling inside and still get that great smoky taste you would find on an outside grill. Will be using this pan a lot in the coming months!
* Reviewer may have received a free sample in exchange for this review. All opinions are their own.
2 Product Reviews
Cozymeal Team Shot
Cozymeal Team
24 May 2021
A smoke-free cast iron grill pan that drains away fat for healthier grilled meals that doesn’t compromise flavor? Sign us up! We chose this exceptional lean grill pan from Finex to make your cookouts healthier and more enjoyable for everyone at the table.