Fante's Cousin Liana's Gnocchi Board

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Make delicious-tasting gnocchi like a nonna from the Old Country with the help of Fante's Cousin Liana's Gnocchi Board. Nothing tastes better than pasta made from scratch and this rustic gnocchi rolling board makes it so easy to get all the traditional texture, flair and flavor! Crafted in Italy from natural beechwood, it features an easy-grip handle to maintain the perfect angle and keep the board steady, as well as ridges to shape your gnocchi pasta and add that signature texture which helps the pasta hold more sauce. What’s more is, this handy tool can also be used to make perfect cavatelli! Making pasta with the fork method is inconsistent and often lends itself to misshapen gnocchi, but with Fante’s Cousin Liana’s gnocchi board, you’ll get similarly sized pasta with consistent shapes. This is especially important because, not only do uniform dough pieces cook more evenly, they come out looking more attractive once ready to eat. In fact, when you prepare your pasta with this rolling board, your guests may even think you’re cooking with your own nonna’s secret family recipe.


Made in Italy.


Dimensions: Length: 8.13"; Width: 2.5”; Height: 0.63"

Care & Use: Wipe the Gnocchi Board with a dry cloth or brush after every use.

Materials: Wood