Brooklyn Brew Shop Hard Cider® Kit

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Enjoy tart, dry and bubbly hard cider any time of year with the Brooklyn Brew Shop Hard Cider® Kit! This easy-to-use brew kit makes three batches of delicious hard cider that’s as fun to make as it is to drink! ABV 7%.


Kit includes:

  • Dry Cider Yeast (3)

  • Glass fermentation jug

  • Racking cane

  • Vinyl tubing

  • Tubing clamp

  • Screw-cap stopper

  • Airlock

  • Cleanser (3)


Additional Ingredients Needed:

Fresh apple cider


Dimensions: Package: Length: 7.5”; Width: 9”; Height: 12”

Materials: See kit list.

1 Product Review
Cozymeal Team Shot
Cozymeal Team
07 Jun 2021
Does drinking fall flavors all year long make us basic? Probably, but we don’t care. Neither will you once you whip up a batch of your own hard apple cider with the Brooklyn Brew Shop Hard Cider® Kit.