Chef Gavin

Chef Gavin

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Chef Gavin is a culinary entrepreneur and extraordinaire, to say the very least. Armed with years of experience in the cooking scene, he has taught at a non-profit interactive creative center and has held the title of executive chef for three different restaurant groups. Currently, Chef Gavin owns a successful food trailer that dishes out creative fare, and a craft cocktail bar. He looks forward to sharing his culinary techniques with you!

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Linda W.


21 Aug 2019

Chef Gavin gives a true taste of Idaho with his menu – from the elk to the huckleberries, morels to the nod to the Basque culture with the chorizo salad. The ingredients were super-premium and fresh. So fresh, in fact, that same came from the garden right on the alley. How cool is that? Whether new to Boise, or a true local, this class is sure to please!