Private Chefs in Cambridge

Private Chefs in Cambridge

Best private chefs in Cambridge for your next dining experience

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Personal chefs in Cambridge are excited to bring a memorable, high-quality meal to your next special occasion. Leave it to a professional when planning a gourmet menu for your next date night, birthday, holiday gathering, anniversary, company dinner or casual dinner party! Each chef will bring along their own ingredients and equipment to your location and will give you time to relax and entertain guests as they prepare, cook, plate, serve and clean everything up.

Elevate your next
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1. Chef Shops

The chef buys the finest ingredients.

2. Chef Cooks

The chef cooks in your kitchen.

3. You Enjoy!

Savor the chef's culinary creations.

4. Chef Cleans Up

Relax while the chef tidies up.

Chef Antonio

Verified chef

Chef Antonio
Private Chef

23 reviews

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Why you’ll love our personal chefs

Birthday Dinner

  • Brian,

"Chef Francesca was fantastic! She came to our house to cook dinner for wife's birthday and we enjoyed every moment of it. From the preparation of the meal to the delicious food she served, it was all incredible. I would recommend her to anyone and look forward to having her back to our home again very soon!"

Elevated Dining Experiences

  • Nikki,

"Our experience with Chef Daniel was excellent! Not only did he take the time to create a thoughtful menu that paired well with our wines, but he took care in how his dishes were presented. The dishes were exquisite and all in all lead to a memorable night for us and our guests."

Impress Your Guests

  • Chrystal,

"We had a great time having our own personal chef to create a private dining experience for us. It felt like being in a five-star restaurant without leaving the comfort of the house. The chef was amazing. Great food, great company, amazingly unique experience! I will definitely do it again."

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