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Cooking Classes in Tulsa

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Spending much of its life as an oil boomtown, Tulsa was never really a stranger to the finer things, like eating well. But lately, Tulsa has found itself in an unexpected spotlight thanks to an uprising of passionate and creative chefs who are changing all the rules when it comes to cooking. Curious about what the city's best chefs are up to? Join them for an incredible, unique culinary experience. Book a cooking class in Tulsa today!

Experiences to Discover When You Travel

Washington, D.C., Bay Area and NYC are among the top 10 travel destinations of Tulsa residents, according to our research. And luckily, local chefs, mixologists, tour guides and more offer culinary experiences in those cities! Now, you can book experiences in your hometown AND when traveling!

Host and Venue Opportunities in Tulsa

If you're a professional chef, mixologist and more, we want to hear from you! Cozymeal is looking to partner with the best local hosts for culinary experiences, food tours and more. And we're always looking for great venues.

Foodie Scene in Tulsa

The cuisine in Tulsa has blossomed well beyond the dive diners near Route 66, so why not find inspiration in that change and switch up your own meals at home? Cooking classes in Tulsa are led by incredible chefs who have curated impressive menus for you to select from and recreate from scratch. Explore popular flavors in the area from fusion dining to barbecue brisket so that you can effortlessly satisfy your curiosity and appetite.