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Cozymeal Rewards® Program

Earn points with every dollar you spend on Cozymeal. Points can be earned with every food tour, cooking class, team building or gift card purchase.

Cozymeal Rewards® can be used towards purchases during checkout or converted into Gift CardsĀ®.

Cozymeal Rewards® never expire.

How to Earn Points


Earn 1 point for every dollar you
spend on Cozymeal. 100 points
equals $1.

Please Note

  • A completed booking cannot be canceled to use rewards points.
  • Points are earned from dollars spent on food tours, cooking classes, team building and gift cards purchases. Sales tax and tips paid to chefs do not qualify for point earnings.
  • Cozymeal Rewards® cannot be used towards tips to chefs on Cozymeal.
  • Cozymeal reverves the right to revoke any cash points if our system determines that points were improperly or mistakenly obtained, accrued or credited.
  • Cozymeal may change the rules based on user feedback. Any new changes will be announced on this page.
  • If you have further questions about the Cozymeal Rewards® program, please email