Brewery Tour Guide, Asheville, NC


Brewery Tour Guides in Asheville, NC can find a new batch of tour guide jobs with an assist from Cozymeal. Asheville's brewing scene offers a special pour for every taste, whether it's sour, pale, dark or balanced. Brewery tour operators are at the top of the hot list, and Cozymeal can help fill the demand. We bring together beer tour guides who know their region with beer lovers with a passion for craft brews. You provide tours you create featuring your favorite brew houses and pubs, presented on your timeline. We help you promote your offering and help you reach an ever-growing clientele. It's a sip of sweet success that's sure to satisfy. If you're a brewery tour guide in Asheville looking for a new opportunity, get hopping with Cozymeal now!

About Cozymeal:

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Enjoy the many benefits by joining Cozymeal, including:

  • Income potential of up to $8,000/month (some make even more than that!)
  • Be your own boss and set your own schedule
  • Reach new customers
  • Create and offer your own brewery tour itineraries
  • Event coverage through Cozymeal’s Professional Liability Insurance

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  • Based around Asheville, NC
  • Professional experience as a brewery tour guide or extensive knowledge of local beers
  • Strong leadership skills and experience in leading and training others
  • Personable and eager to teach your craft
  • Efficient with time management
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to provide prompt responses to inquiries
  • Existing relationships with local breweries and/or other beer establishments
  • Experience teaching others about beer

Location: Asheville, NC

IMPORTANT NOTE: To apply, please visit: