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New York-Boston-Washington, DC-Seattle-Atlanta-Philadelphia-Chicago, and 15 more cities!

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Reach new audiences.
Create your own menus.
Earn extra income.
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As a Cozymeal chef, you can

Teach Cooking Classes

Host Team Building Events

Offer Food Tours

Why should I join Cozymeal?

Chefs join Cozymeal to increase their earnings with the support of a team that allows them to excel and focus on delivering quality culinary experiences.

Cozymeal Cooking Class

What to expect as a Cozymeal chef:

  • High Earnings: Significantly increase your chef earnings.
  • Profiles Prepared by a Pro: Receive a complimentary professional photo shoot and have a professional food writer create your profile.
  • Flexible Schedule: Decide when you want to work and how frequently you want to work.
  • Insurance Included: Feel secure hosting with Cozymeal’s insurance covering your events.
  • Admin Support: Focus on delivering great experiences while we handle the administrative responsibilities: customer service, payment processing, issuing receipts, etc.
  • Free to Join: It’s free to join Cozymeal as a chef. We only take a commission whenever we bring you business.
Private chef

Who are Cozymeal chefs?

Cozymeal chefs are all professionals but come from a variety of culinary backgrounds. Some have gone to culinary school, others cut their teeth in professional kitchens. We have personal chefs, private chefs, caterers, restaurant chefs, and more - the common factor is that each of our chefs is talented, experienced, and loves to host guests.

Cozymeal unique venues

Reach new audiences.
Create your own menus.
Earn extra income.

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