Chef Carlos

Chef Carlos

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With more than a decade of culinary experience as a head chef, private chef and executive chef in Denmark, Turks and Caicos, Venezuela and Spain, Chef Carlos is a skilled and personable multilingual chef with a penchant for crafting incredible recipes. He has a wide range of culinary techniques and tips under his belt, and is a master at creating a warm and welcoming environment for guests, as well as crafting seasonal menus featuring high-quality ingredients.

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Brandon Gonzalez .

Brandon Gonzalez

02 Jul 2022

Great class and the tapas were so yummy, would recommend this class to anyone.

Frank G.


01 Jul 2022

Chef Carlos gave us a very enjoyable class. He was very interactive and provided a lot of detail including some history of the dishes. His down to earth style was not intimidating and actually made us feel very at ease while cooking. He checked every step with us to make sure things were progressing well on our end and even asked to see the items while cooking to ensure proper cooking times. We had great side conversations about Spain and the dishes we were cooking which made it all go by too fast. We are planing another round with Chef Carlos. Jefferson is especially looking forward to it.

Steffen Gonzalez .

Steffen Gonzalez

28 Jun 2022

Carlos was incredible, he fit right into our Cuban family and brought us together as a family when we were far apart.