Chef Burcu

Chef Burcu

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Chef Burcu has spent the better part of the last 10 years building a career in the food industry. Educated in the arts of French cuisine, chocolate confection and cake design, she has held positions as a food server, chef and executive chef in restaurants and hotels across Turkey and Canada — she has even owned a pasta-making company. Chef Burcu specializes in French and Mediterranean cuisine and is excited to share her knowledge and skills as a culinary instructor.

Cozymeal guest reviews for this experience

Ameer B.


03 Jun 2022

I came into this experience with no expectations and Chef Burcu left me amazed. She takes the time to explain everything before you begin and allows you to be as involved as you want. I recommend taking a hands on approach to the class so you can really take it in. Ive seen other cooking classes and they seem to be in larger groups this one was much better because its just your guest and the chef in a private kitchen. The meal was by far one of the best i've had in years, each course was full of flavors tasted so fresh with the authentic turkish ingredients she provides. I got to try at least 5 new ingredients that added so much flavor to the meal. Chef Burcu is extremely easy going which makes the experience so much more enjoyable, she really did her best to make us feel comfortable in her kitchen. I highly recommend booking a class with her, the food on its own is better than any meal you'll get in Ottawa. The experience is an amazing memory you wont regret.

Anna N.


10 Mar 2022

My husband and I had an amazing experience with Chef Burcu! She was a great teacher and an excellent host. We were blown away by how delicious and impressive the meal was in the end. Chef Burcu was very patient and attentive and gave us great tips on each of the three courses, so we were able to re-create the meal on our own weeks later. At the end of the night, we loved the unexpected and special touch of being served the three-course meal that we'd prepared with Chef Burcu in a private dining area. It was a fantastic experience from start to finish, and we'll definitely be signing up for another Cozymeal with Chef Burcu in the future.

Geoffrey L.


26 Feb 2022

Wonderful experience. Loads of instruction and quality ingredients. Chef Burcu is very talented and so helpful, so if like me, you are not the best in the kitchen, don’t worry. The meal will turn out great!