Chef Davide

Chef Davide

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Food safety certified
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Chef Davide always found the place where he could best express himself, communicate, and have fun was the kitchen. He began working in kitchens at age 16 and moved to Europe to explore different cuisines firsthand after graduating. He quickly landed at a culinary academy in Italy and graduated with honors. Chef Davide has since donned many chef hats, including those as a private chef, consultant, instructor and entrepreneur.

Cozymeal guest reviews for this experience

Kyera C.


26 Jun 2022

Chef Davide is a great teacher. I like that he took the time to check each persons progress, and that he taught us a couple tricks. The class was fast paced but we were able to keep up. We ended up with impressive results considering it was our first ever attempt at making pasta!

Heather E.


12 Jun 2022

My husband and I had a great time! We could easily follow along with Chef Davide and the food tasted great. We will definitely be taking another class.

Morgan A.


11 Jun 2022

This is our second time taking this class. We love it! Chef Davide is a great instructor and fun to follow along with!