Chef Jordi

Chef Jordi

Verified chef

Working as a sous chef in some of the best restaurants throughout Canada, Chef Jordi has learned his way around the kitchen. His career has led him to test and develop new recipes and teach aspiring chefs at the high school level. Chef Jordi has an eclectic career hosting as a radio DJ, so all culinary experiences led by him will be as engaging as they are informative, mixing passion with culinary excellence.

Cozymeal guest reviews for this experience

Gini K.


08 Jan 2023

Chef Jordi hosted an awesome class! He is very knowledgeable on Vietnamese food and cooking in general. Learned lots of great tips from him. The meal we made was delicious!

Nicole W.


21 Nov 2022

Chef Jordi showed me his tips and tricks on how to cut an onion. This is always a great skill to learn how to minimize the amount of eye tearing. He is no stranger to teaching as that is what he does full time. He is a great chef to learn from for skills simple and complicated.