Chef Sheryl

Chef Sheryl

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Chef Cheryl is an award winning executive chef who has contributed her talents and expertise to prestigious kitchens all across the western hemisphere. As a master of many culinary styles, she prides herself on astute senses of taste and smell that help her create completely original dishes. From classic French cuisine to exotic island flavors, Chef Cheryl's passion for food inspires her love for sharing her knowledge with aspiring chefs of all skill levels.

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Mervin John .

Mervin John

21 Jun 2022

Chef Sheryl was an amazing host and a genuinely very nice person to hang out with the team. She taught us things that would be directly applicable in our home kitchens and her expertise was experienced with the plates we were served (and which the team duly polished!) The creme brulee was the star of the show! Our team opted for the chicken madeira which turned out excellent as well.

Shawn D.


21 Jun 2022

Chef Sheryl as a pleasure to work with and a fantastic host in her home. This was a team building event for us that turned out to be a fantastic time of learning, social time, and great food.

Christian Gosselin .

Christian Gosselin

21 Jun 2022

Lovely evening and delicious dinner!