Chef Shriram

Chef Shriram

Verified chef

Chef Shriram is a professional, award-winning chef with more than 13 years of experience in the food industry holding every position from line cook to sous chef. He has a particular interest in French and Italian cuisine and Japanese sushi. Chef Shriram brings his professional expertise and creative, engaging personality to every cooking class he leads.

Cozymeal guest reviews for this experience

Jennifer C.


16 Jan 2022

The food was yummy! chef Shriram was welcoming and it was a pleasure meeting him!

Nicole W.


04 Nov 2021

Chef Shriram showed me how to use rice paper for the first time. He stuffed them with vegetables and prawns (large shrimp). They turned out to be a delicious appetizer. The steps were clearly demonstrated and explained during each step of the process. We were laughing and talking during the class. He made it enjoyable and interesting.