Chef Tarek

Chef Tarek

Verified chef

Chef Tarek’s adventures in the culinary world have taken him around the world, from Australia to Morocco before landing in Dubai. He currently manages a commercial kitchen, training workers and creating diverse recipes for exciting menus. In addition to global fare, Chef Tarek’s favorite cuisines include Mexican, Italian, Syrian, Egyptian and American, all of which he’s excited to share with budding chefs in his classes.

Cozymeal guest reviews for this experience

Julius G.


27 Dec 2021

Tarek was phenomenal. Amazing dishes with his own creations. Great energy and pleasant to be around him making for a wonderful atmosphere during this event. I would highly recommend him.

Nicole W.


15 Nov 2021

Chef Tarek showed me how to make an elevated nutella pancake stack. I must say this was the most beautiful stack of pancakes I have ever seen. It was a three pancake stack high with each layer separated by yummy goodness of either nutella, chocolate syrup, fresh berries mixed with raspberry syrup and garnished with pistachios. The final presentation could have been a food magazine. I will certainly be trying to recreate this for my family at home.