Chef Roy

Chef Roy

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Having worked in the restaurant industry for over twenty-five years, Chef Roy has fed people on the ground and in the sky. With experience both in kitchens and front of house, the chef developed a broad set of industry skills in restaurants, hotels and airlines which he expertly used to found his own catering business. The adventurous chef is well-versed in global cuisines and enjoys sharing his extensive culinary knowledge with aspiring cooks.

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Dawn P.


06 Jan 2023

There was no class because Chef Roy cancelled due to sickness. I proposed next Thursday, January 12th and he was supposed to confirm by last Wednesday. I have not heard from him. I sent him a reminder on Thursday and have yet to hear back. I would like to get a full refund and I'll take my friends out instead of chasing him.

Nicole W.


05 Oct 2022

Chef Roy is a culinary professional chef who has owned his own catering business to extensive restaurant experience. He specializes in Italian, Asian Indian cuisine but is also well rounded as a chef. He has many positive testimonials of his wonderful dishes. I would definitely recommend him.