Chef Wendy

Chef Wendy

Verified chef

Chef Wendy, who's passion for cooking began at age 14, has more than 20 years of culinary experience that includes training others in the art of pastry, operating her own restaurants, instructing cooking classes and winning several awards for her culinary creations. Chef Wendy enjoys preparing street food from around the world, specializing in Caribbean fusion, and loves showing others how to be creative with flavor and fresh ingredients.

Cozymeal guest reviews for this experience

Christopher C.


15 May 2022

Fabulous evening with the very lovely Wendy, we laughed a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the amazing food we cooked together! We learned a lot and have plenty of leftovers too!! Delish!!

Nicole W.


13 Oct 2021

Chef Wendy was extremely friendly and welcoming. We easily got into conversation about our love for food and our families. She started the class by showing me all of the fresh ingredients she will be using and what the add to the dish. I was amazed at the rawness and freshness of the ingredients used. Her final dish was colorful with an immense amount of flavors. I enjoyed my time with Chef Wendy.