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Cooking Classes in Singapore

Best cooking classes in Singapore for your next culinary journey

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Share the flavors and fragrances of Southeast Asia with cooking classes in Singapore. Gourmet chefs are ready to share their tips, techniques and love of the island city. From satay, seafood and Hainanese chicken rice to the global flavors of Italy, France or Russia, these culinary sessions make a fun and interactive experience for friends, singles and even office coworkers. Get started on your culinary adventure by booking cooking classes in Singapore today!

Host and Venue Opportunities in Singapore

If you're a professional chef, mixologist and more, we want to hear from you! Cozymeal is looking to partner with the best local hosts for culinary experiences, food tours and more. And we're always looking for great venues.

Foodie Scene in Singapore

Cooking classes in Singapore will open your eyes to a whole new world of gourmet wonders! If you favor traditional tastes, you'll find classes that have you covered. If you prefer a more contemporary take, there are courses for that, too. With menus curated and taught by the best and brightest of the local foodie scene, you're sure to be in good hands. Book a cooking class in Singapore now and set off on an exciting culinary adventure.