Cooking Class - Mediterranean Gnocchi

This hands-on class focuses on culinary techniques necessary to prepare a stunning Italian meal.

In this interactive cooking class, you'll learn how to make several Italian dishes from scratch. Chef Logan travels to special shops throughout the city to source the highest quality ingredients available. You'll also learn professional cooking techniques as you cook together.

First, make a cashew pesto with fresh basil, followed by preparing roasted garlic butter to top French bread. Then you'll prepare Mediterranean-inspired handmade gnocchi with sun-dried tomatoes, olives and oregano-lemon chicken. For dessert, whip up decadent torta barozzi — Italian brownies — loaded with nuts and chocolate.

Guests are welcome to provide wine and beer to enjoy during the class.

  • Minimum Guests 2
  • Maximum Guests 4
  • Meal Courses 3
  • Event Duration 3 hours
  • Labels Beginner, Date Night, Gourmet, Italian, Pasta Making

Cozymeal guest reviews for this experience

Laine S.


12 Apr 2023

Logan was very personable and in addition to making us a superb meal also gave us lots of tips and answered all of our questions. I would recommend him highly to anyone interested in this type of event.

Sue Woodward .

Sue Woodward

11 Dec 2022

Very professional. Calm confident and entertaining. And the cooking was great!

Jason J.


01 Aug 2022

Honestly, I would give this 0 stars if it was possible, here’s my experience, we pulled up to the address and the first thing we both thought, was there must be some mistake. The house was very old, which I’m it’s self is not an issue, however the yard was in serious need of attention. It was so bad, we thought for sure the house was either Abandoned, or up for Foreclosure. I asked my gf to wait in the truck while I approached the door, fully expecting this address to be incorrect. Chef Logan was standing just inside the door, and assured me I had the right address, so I went back and got my gf. Chef Logan greeted us at the door, and welcomed us both in, the very first thing we noticed was how unkept the house was. Not saying it was completely disgusting, but honestly, wasn’t too far off. The second thing we noticed was heat that greeted us, it was apx 30 deg out side, and being that there was no air conditioning, and a toaster oven on, it was considerably warmer in side. The third thing we both noticed, was the size of the kitchen, it was extremely small. Chef Logan had 4 bar stools set up I front of his prep station, which would work fine for seating four people, providing your personal space is very small, and you don’t mind touching the people around you. The other couple attending were about 20 mins late, so Chef Logan passed the time by asking about us, and telling us about himself, all the while occasionally wiping the sweat from his brow as he, and we, dealt with the extreme heat inside the small kitchen we were occupying. Being that the kitchen was so small, I asked Chef Logan how we were all going to set up so we could each have our space to prepare food, he informed me that because of the limited space, we would use the prep space he was standing in front of, as well as another counter in the kitchen. This counter he pointed to, was hardly adequate space for someone to prep food. And even if there was enough room, the area looked unclean enough that any rational person would not want to handle food there. Once the other couple showed up, we began with the class. This is when I realized this was going to be nothing like what I thought it was going to be. This may be my fault for reading the add carefully enough, but I thought we were all going to have our own space where we would be prepping food. I was completely wrong, we simply sat there in that extreme heat, and tried our best to listen to what he was telling us and showing us. After about 20 mins, I excused myself so I could go get some fresh air. Although it was still 30 deg outside, the air felt cool compared to what we were sitting in and I stood outside for a few mins enjoying being out of that hot, dirty house. That is when I realized I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it through the entire class, but as I had paid 200 bucks for this, I was going to try. I walked back in and took a seat, that’s when I noticed Chef Logan use a paper towel to wipe the sweat that was rolling down his forehead, toss the paper towel, then proceed to continue to handle food with out washing his hands. That was the point where I had had enough, I looked at my gf, who was clearly as uncomfortable as I was and told Chef Logan that we would be unable to make it through the class due to the heat. I informed him that as he contacted to cook, and turn on more appliances, combined with the heat of five bodies in such a small place, the heat was only going to get far worse. I abstained from giving him my opinion on everything as I figured it best not to do so in front of the other two guests. He told me he completely understood and asked if we would like to come back for the meal. I said we likely could, so he said to drop back by in about an hour and a half. The gf and I went for dinner and discussed our experience, and both decided with the state of that house, neither of us wanted to go back and consume any food that was prepared there, as hard as that may sound. Did I mention he pulled slightly wilted Basil out of a bag and started preparing it with our even a rinse under the tap? And to make matters even worse, I pity anyone with a dog or cat Allergy that goes over there as there is two cats and a dog that live there. For my gf and myself, this was not an issue, but I feel it’s something that needs to be stated in the add so people can make an informed decision as to whether or not they would like to visit this man’s house. As far as Chef Logan personally, he was a very polite, welcoming, mild mannered man. And it needs to be said that Chef Logan contacted me later in the night and refunded me just under a hundred dollars of my 200 back to me. As to whether we would use CozyKitchen again, we would not. I know it’s not fair to judge a company off of one experience, but this experience was enough to cause both of us to do exactly that.

CAD $ 95 Per person

all-inclusive: 3-hour class, 3-course meal.

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Chef Logan has worked under several titles in his extensive culinary career, including executive chef and director of team building exercises for a global food company. Although he is well-versed in many food traditions, Italian is his favorite, with an emphasis on from-scratch pizza. Chef Logan's personal philosophy is to ensure everyone is included in every part of the meal, and he is more than happy to accommodate guests with food allergies.

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