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Guide Benny was born and raised in Rome, and has over a decade of experience in leading eager sight-seers and foodies around the area's most charming locales. As an avid traveler and food lover himself, Benny is passionate about sharing the culture and experience of his hometown in several different languages. Whether you're looking for Rome's best pizza or the perfect place for happy hour, Benny can lead you there!

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Rose F.


29 Dec 2022

Exploring the neighborhood was a great experience but for the food I was not impressed with the food selections. For the price, I was under the impression I would sample other foods minus the pasta. He knew of my food choices and I thought he could have accommodated me better. No veggies, salads or fish. Chicken nuggets, a small square veggie pizza and chips was what I had. For 85 euros I should have been at a restaurant sampling. This is my honest opinion and I’m not trying to offend anyone. He’s a great tour guide but he could have done better.

Nancy M.


20 Nov 2022

Benny is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic guide. He took us to a lovely Roman neighborhood and we sampled many local favorites. In addition, he gave us an in-depth history of the area. Highly recommended.

Ruth H.


06 Oct 2022

Benny was very gracious and knowledgeable I thoroughly enjoyed our dinner I tipped him at time of visit