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If you’re looking to make the leap from Chinese takeaway enthusiast to wok star, consider Chinese cooking classes in London. Professional chefs versed in authentic Chinese ingredients and cooking techniques will guide you in creating flavorful stir fries, dumplings, noodles, rice dishes and more at home. Whether you’d like to recreate takeout favorites or explore China’s diverse regional cuisines, there’s a Chinese cooking class bound to suit your fancy. Book your culinary experience today!

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Authentic Flavors of China

£ 95
Cooking Class
£ 95
Learn how to prepare a four-course menu inspired by exquisite Chinese culinary heritage. During this interactive cooking class, Chef Tim will take you on a journey to China, exploring its traditional gastronomy. He will teach you the best techniques to achieve the most authentic flavors. You’ll start by making...
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Chef Tim
3 Reviews
Serving the London area
Next Date: Sun, Apr 14th at 6:00PM & other times
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Best Chinese Cooking Classes In London

Explore the world of authentic and delicious cuisine with Chinese cooking classes in London. World-class chefs will teach you how to craft traditional and modern Chinese dishes with recipes passed down for generations. You’ll use aromatic herbs and spices to flavor vibrant meals. Chinese cooking classes in London are also a great way to improve cooking skills and confidence in the kitchen. You’ll learn plenty of techniques that will help with all kinds of cuisine. Bring friends and family to experience these wonderful cooking classes in London today!


Chow mein from a Chinese cooking class in London


Gain New Confidence and Cooking Skills

Learn how to cook like a chef with Chinese cooking classes in London. Under the guidance of expert chefs, you’ll work through an eclectic multi-course menu, learning tips and tricks from the culinary industry. While you cook, you’ll practice essential cooking skills, such as how to properly hold a knife while you slice, dice and chop fresh ingredients. By mastering these foundational skills, you’ll gain new confidence in the kitchen. You can take these skills back home to your own kitchen and cook like a chef every night.


Spring rolls in a Chinese cooking class in London


With Chinese cooking lessons in London, you’ll also learn how to master cooking techniques from China. Learn how to make modern and traditional Chinese food while practicing techniques such as frying in a wok. The techniques and recipes you learn will create food that rivals your favorite takeout.

Ideal for all cooking experience levels, these cooking classes are the perfect place to learn something new. Home chefs and foodies can practice what they know and those who haven’t cooked before can learn something new. 

Cooking Classes for Special Events

Chinese cooking classes in London will be a fun experience for those who love food. Whether you enjoy cooking or trying new dishes, these classes are a great way to make and eat something delicious. Plus, you can take these classes alone or with those you love.

These culinary experiences are a fun way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or another special occasion together with your friends and family. Instead of going to dinner or drinks, take a cooking class and whip up your special feast together. These events are a unique way to make memories. London cooking classes can accommodate groups of various sizes. Or book these classes to elevate your weekly date night. You’ll work together with your partner to make a meal for two from scratch that you’ll enjoy together.

Looking for a way to bond with your colleagues? Chinese cooking courses in London are fun team building activities that can bring you closer and bond outside the office. Your team will work together to cook a meal, all the while building communication and collaboration skills. What they learn while working together will be a benefit back in the office.

Discover the World of Chinese Cuisine

Cooking classes guided by expert chefs are one of the best ways to explore the world of Chinese cuisine. You’ll gain an appreciation for the food and culture as you cook traditional and modern dishes through hands-on classes. Plus, you’ll learn recipes and techniques from around China.

These Chinese cooking workshops in London will teach you how to make familiar favorites such as pork and chicken egg rolls. You’ll learn how to make the filling and the technique to craft the perfect roll. Plus, you’ll make a sweet and spicy sauce for dipping. Or learn how to make traditional steamed bao buns from scratch using fresh ingredients. Plus, you’ll learn how to make traditional Chinese desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Kung Pao chicken from a Chinese cooking class in London


Chinese cooking classes in London cater to all skill levels. Beginners can learn the basics and those who are more experienced can experiment more in advanced classes with more luxurious ingredients. Plus, these classes can cater to dietary restrictions. You can enjoy gluten-free Chinese cuisine as well as fully vegetarian and vegan meals.

Elevate your cooking skills with Chinese cooking classes in London. Through these classes, you’ll learn techniques and recipes to craft authentic and modern Chinese dishes, as well as a variety of cuisines in your own kitchen. Learn something new and discover your new favorite dishes. Book one of these engaging cooking classes for you, your friends and your family today!

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