Lodge Blacklock Triple Seasoned 12" Square Grill Pan

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Elevate your indoor grilling experience with the Lodge Blacklock Triple Seasoned 12" Square Grill Pan! Made in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, Lodge products owe their outstanding quality to over a hundred years of well-honed craftsmanship from the country’s oldest family-owned cast iron foundry. This particular cast iron pan for grilling is triple-seasoned for a smooth nonstick finish and boasts a thin, lightweight design — about 25% lighter than other cast iron cookware! Providing uniform heat distribution even at a lower heat setting, it is a perfect choice for easily searing hearty meats.


Sizzle juicy steaks or fry scrumptious pork chops and perfectly crispy chicken breasts home any time you like — the grill ridges will give your creations that professional restaurant-style look! Just preheat the pan slowly over medium heat, add a few drops of vegetable oil and you’re good to go! The Lodge Blacklock pan is crafted entirely out of heat-retaining cast iron, making it safe to use on gas, electric and even induction cooktops. And the best part: Every cast iron grill pan comes fully seasoned and ready to go!


Made in the U.S.A.


Dimensions: Length: 19.06”; Width: 12”; Height: 1.75”.

Care & Use: Hand wash, dry and rub with cooking oil. Store in a dry place.

Materials: Cast iron

1 Product Review
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Cozymeal Team
27 Jun 2022
We feel there’s no going wrong with the Lodge Blacklock Triple Seasoned 12" Square Grill Pan! Sturdy, easy to use and incredibly versatile — this beautiful pan is a great kitchen tool for beginners, seasoned home cooks and professional chefs alike.